Time to shoot!

Its not very often I do youtube videos, but it was easier than typing on this occasion. Building on what I talked about a few days back, there is a time to shoot a gig and a time not too…

I have today found myself in a position when it is the right thing. The headline act, A Hundred Crowns is a client and I cant wait to deliver incredible shots to them. They are great guys to work with and I always love seeing them play!
But also there are other bands playing tonight before them, and yours truly has just got himself a Fujifilm x-t2, im not 100% sure this is the right camera for my music photography, but I know where I can and will be using it to my advantage in the future. I may be wrong, it may absolutely kill it in the pit for me. 

Anyway, watch the video if you fancy, all the details are on there :)

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