The Wailers in concert

Earlier in the week I was shooting for Nottingham Live, covering The Wailers with support from Beth Prior Collective at Nottinghams Rock City. This was the first time I really had a chance to test the Fujifilm x-t2 in an environment I do most of my work in. I popped a 27mm f2.8 on the end of in and but it to the test with my Canon 5D mk III in one hand and that in the other. 

Oh boy did I love it! Such a fun camera to have in the inventory! I have been eyeing up a couple of lenses to hire in the coming weeks to test out which one I want to add to the arsenal. But this is an exciting time, I love everything about the camera so far (provided im not in the darkest venue ever).
But check it out, heres some of the shots from the Fujifilm.

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