Streamline your social media

See that photo? It’s me doing what I love. Notice there is nothing to do with being on social media in the shot…. Read below to continue doing what you love and avoiding that screen.

For ages I wanted to focus my attention on instagram because I love it. Only problem is, that means I only have one touch point with potential bands and supporters. To maximise this, I need to cast a few more nets and its the same for musicians.

One problem… time. Imagine posting 3 or 4 different times just to get one message out. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!
Solution: its a free or paid tool depending on what you are after but it means you can schedule posts well in advance across all your social media platforms and with one tap of the button, it will go out where you want when you want.

Easy peasy, now back to doing what we love and not spending 24/7 on social media.


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