Ever heated up a thermometer then put it in cold water?

… you might be thinking, he's finally lost his marbles! whats this idiot on about now?…. but hear me out.

The past few months have had some euphoric highs, from ART IN DANCE Exhibition at The Photography Show, through to landing The Jockey Club Live and Music Plus Sport contracts across the summer. But Ive also had some big internal lows too, which I won’t bore you with.

Ok so heres the link to the thermometer… its been hot (euphoric, amazing moments)but then its immediately gone into some cooler climates (the lows). If you ever tried this in science at school, you know that thing is going to crack, I don't really fancy breaking if I'm being totally honest with you.

I have made a few decisions recently in order to keep myself sane and happy. But also to keep things controllable. The first major shift really does bring me deep regret, but I have taken the decision to step down from my position at Shout About It, I have loved everything about the past year with Georgia and everyone involved and I cannot thank you all enough.

I will still be a part of the community but as a contributor and no official capacity. Ive loved it, but just simply haven't got the time and platform that the great photographers deserve. As much as it makes my happy to help others, sometimes we have to be selfish, thinking of our own needs.

The second of which, is I am temporarily closing my books to new clients, I will honour all existing bookings and am buzzing for them. I have a very cool summer planned. What this does mean is that in the short term, I can focus all my energy on the 25(ish) dates I have over the summer, giving them my all and ensuring the high standards are not only met, but surpassed. There are some absolute whoopers of jobs in there too, so don't expect for a minute that I wont have a busy social media.

It may or may not shock you, but outside of photography, I do actually enjoy other things too, so I want to spend a bit more time doing those other things. They are equally as important to me as photography is, however have been neglected

whilst I have pursued my photography dream.
I must stress though, this is very much, NOT GAME OVER! Im just putting all new bookings on standby, this is a decision I have made for myself and feel it is very important for my own personal growth. 

Thank you Georgia, thank you all my clients/friends/supporters..(and dare I say fans). Big love x

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