**DISCOUNT** K&F Concept!!

This Christmas I cant give you my heart, but I will go one better.. A bit of discount from my friends at K&F Concept!
I was first introduced to these guys nearly a year ago and they have been a great asset to my photography arsenal. I have bags, tripods and more recently filters from these guys and they’ve not let me down. 

In the coming weeks I will showcase the filters in all their glory, but for now I am able to give you 10% off the two I am currently using in my everyday shooting! (Discounts on their website and amazon!)

The two tripods are;

MCUV Ultra Slim 18 layer Multi coated UV Protection. Great for protection, reducing haze and improving contrast  as well as having high density sharp glass 

The second is the premium quality CPL Filter which is a super slim circular polarizer filter great for reducing surface reflection. 

Quite honestly, they are always on hand in my camera bag and I love them! Plus they come in a really safe and cool looking case, but thats just a bonus. Ok so onto the good part… the discount! 

Amazon - code PAVTJOVW 

10% Discount (expires 30th Dec 2019)



Direct - code KF10UK

10% ALL SITE Discount (expires 30th Dec 2019)

MCUV - uk.Kentfaith.com

CPL - uk.Kentfaith.com

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