Back in the studio! With Jezza Bruce!

Recently I worked on a project with Shadows Like Strangers very own Jezza Bruce! Not going to lie, it was an insane shoot and the ratio of chatting laughter to actually taking photos was probably bang on! 
Shoots arent just about getting someone to stand a certain way whilst you take pretty pictures, its about the interaction, the laughter (and sometimes the obscure comments to get them to react for a certain photo).
Im a big fan of Shadows Like Strangers music, and cannot wait to hear the new stuff. But for now, heres “A Way Home”. Once you’ve got hooked on that, scroll down a little bit further to see some of the shots!

Exclusively shoot on Fujifilm X-T2 with a 14mm f2.8. My now go-to portrait setup. 
Tethered to Capture One 12 (however on this occasion I did edit on lightroom - I will be making the switch soon).
Check out Jezza on instagram - @jezzabruce

… dont forget about me @andytattphoto

Want to shoot on location or in studio? I currently have badass packages available for just £95.00 for 20-30 images. Hit me up // or here.

Anyway… time for image!

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