Cedarwood Festival: Worship & Community Day

On July 5-7, Lambton Estate, County Durham plays host to the first ever Cedarwood Festival. The excitement is very much real for ‘the new 3 day independent festival launching in 2019, with a vision to see people gather to worship from all denominations and demographics, to build community, foster unity within the body of Christ, and see Jesus’ name lifted high in this nation. 

The 72 hour gathering will play host to biblical teaching, non stop worship, prayer & community for all ages, with representations and expressions of worship from all over the UK.

All people, all ages, all welcome!’

I will be Head of Photography for the festival which im super excited about, and with 3 months to go, I was lucky enough to get on site for a Worship and Community Day, looking at the plans, talking all things Cedarwood and sharing special moments with special people.

What I would say is, from someone who wouldn’t confess to have strong religious views, I was moved so much by the feeling at the community day, I would strongly encourage anyone to visit the festival as it will be an amazing experience with live music, a fire pit and a really strong sense of community which welcomes all with open arms. I know this will be one of the highlights of my summer!
Want to join me? get your tickets here

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Below are a select few images from the pre event get-together but keep your eyes peeled in July for the real thing!

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