1. **DISCOUNT** K&F Concept!!

    27 Nov 2019
    This Christmas I cant give you my heart, but I will go one better.. A bit of discount from my friends at K&F Concept!I was first introduced to these guys nearly a year ago and they have been a great asset to my photography arsenal. I have bags, tripods…

  2. From Lo-no to Lo-go

    20 Jun 2019
    Over the years, I have gone through about 1billion logos, some ok, some fairly awful and down down right questionable. Im going to put it down do being a creative and always wanting to mix things up Ive recently been reading This Is Marketing by Seth Godin, incredible book, I…

  3. Gig Gallery: DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics

    19 Jun 2019
    Sunday  16th June 2019Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics on Dogtooth Stage at Download Festival.Shot with: Canon 5D mkIII Canon 24-70 f2.8 Sigma 15mm f2.8 Check out more from The Cult Classics here:

  4. Gig Gallery: Shadows Like Strangers // Fell Out Boy

    02 Jun 2019
    In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of joining the Shadows Like Strangers lads in the very impressive Pirate Studios, Nottingham. Until last night, I found myself being guilty of never actually seeing them perform live outside of the studio, but last night it finally happened and boy was…

  5. Gig Gallery: Stonefield - Hare & Hounds Birmingham 19.05.14

    15 May 2019
    Recently I was fortunate enough to see aussie rock band Stonefield played Birmingham for the very first time, and boy did I enjoy it. I had my Canon in one hand, my fuji in the other (scroll down for picks) Kit in the K&F Concept Fashion DSLR Backpack:Canon 5D mk…

  6. Cedarwood Festival: Worship & Community Day

    10 Apr 2019
    On July 5-7, Lambton Estate, County Durham plays host to the first ever Cedarwood Festival. The excitement is very much real for ‘the new 3 day independent festival launching in 2019, with a vision to see people gather to worship from all denominations and demographics, to build community, foster unity…

  7. Back in the studio! With Jezza Bruce!

    10 Apr 2019
    Recently I worked on a project with Shadows Like Strangers very own Jezza Bruce! Not going to lie, it was an insane shoot and the ratio of chatting laughter to actually taking photos was probably bang on! Shoots arent just about getting someone to stand a certain way whilst you…

  8. Ever heated up a thermometer then put it in cold water?

    28 Mar 2019
    … you might be thinking, he's finally lost his marbles! whats this idiot on about now?…. but hear me out The past few months have had some euphoric highs, from ART IN DANCE Exhibition at The Photography Show, through to landing The Jockey Club Live and Music Plus Sport contracts…

  9. NEW VIDEO: Finding Direction in Photography

    21 Mar 2019
    The Photography Show was once again a great weekend, I feel like I used it as a very powerful tool and attend as many talks as I can, speak to as many photographers that inspire me as possible. ⁣⁣The main thing I took away from the show was purpose and…

  10. The Wailers in concert

    16 Mar 2019
    Earlier in the week I was shooting for Nottingham Live, covering The Wailers with support from Beth Prior Collective at Nottinghams Rock City. This was the first time I really had a chance to test the Fujifilm x-t2 in an environment I do most of my work in. I popped…

  11. Getting super moody with LANY & Lovelytheband

    07 Mar 2019
    Last night, I was at Nottinghams Rock City, one of my favourite venues to shoot in. I was covering LANY and Lovelytheband for Nottingham Live and have provided editorial style images to them, however i’m a creative and like to add my own style too, so that being said…. enjoy.If…

  12. Portraiture with Chantal

    23 Feb 2019
    A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to shoot London based singer/ songwriter Chantal! Its always a blessing to work with such great musicians and along with Jack Galloway, I cannot wait to hear more from the two of them but in their collaborations and solo projects.I took the…

  13. Time to shoot!

    22 Feb 2019
    Its not very often I do youtube videos, but it was easier than typing on this occasion. Building on what I talked about a few days back, there is a time to shoot a gig and a time not too… I have today found myself in a position when it…

  14. Bigging up the Sigma 15mm 2.8 Fisheye!

    20 Feb 2019
    I have had this lens for a long time and will forever appreciate it, but I think its about time I did a post. The Sigma 15mm f2.8 FISHEYE is one of my 3 go too lenses along with the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 and Sigma 70-200mm f2.8. The other 2…

  15. Working for free & shooting at a gig are 2 completely different things

    17 Feb 2019
    Self development is very important to me, i’m one of those annoying people who always wants to be better than I am and believe there is no such thing as perfection. With most creatives, the best way to see if something works or doesn’t is to jump in the deep…

  16. On Location with Crosslight in Nottingham

    14 Feb 2019
    Yesterday I posted photos of locations that Crosslight and myself (along with Paul Dixon) shot at a while back and todays the day I can show off 1 or 2 to you guys!Really easy setup from me:Canon 5d mkIIICanon 24-70mm f2.8Canon SpeedliteMagMod MagSphereVenue scouting was easy because Nottingham has so…

  17. On shoot with Jack Galloway & Chantal

    14 Feb 2019
    Recently I took a trip to London to shoot with the very talented Jack Galloway and Chantal. The day consisted of doing individual photoshoots and also a duo photoshoot on multiple backdrops (cheers again Both artists are working on their own projects at the moment, which can be seen…

  18. Making Art To Reflect A Personality

    13 Feb 2019
    I have recently not been spending my evenings in the photo pit jumping around getting the perfect angle for a guitar solo or some wild dance moves that doesn’t mean I have been sitting on the sofa taking it easy.The last few weeks have been spent working closely with artists…

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