As seen at The Photography Show 2019!

Capturing the moments that make our lives special.

Photography for me is so much more than just turning up with a camera and taking a pretty photo, there is so much more to it that can be loved and embraced. My background is events, I get a buzz off perishable moments, freeze framing atmosphere and document a special day, second, action in a persons life. If you're smiling I probably am too.

I will always be thankful to live music, I learnt to photograph in the darkest clubs around, it meant that I know my kit inside out. What music also taught me is, I get 1 chance to photograph a moment, it might come from nowhere too so I have to be ready for anything. The fact that I can now get those explosive movements means that all dynamics of photography from weddings to events benefits from it.

My career to date have been incredible, I am blessed by many great memories to look back on. Highlights include being on-stage with Nile Rodgers & CHIC with The Jockey Club Live, Working at Disney Orlando for the Universities World Cheerleading Championships

In more recent years, Ive been recognised as one of the 100 most influential photographers on the planet as a featured photographer on HowToBecomeARockStarPhotographer Podcast - click here to listen.

Following on from this, in 2019 saw my work be exhibited at The Photography Show, as part of ART IN DANCE, this was the FIRST EVER music photography exhibition at the event and saw thens of thousands of people view my work.

It's cliche, but the journey really has only just begun, through educating myself, helping others gain experience and always wanting to better myself and my ability to make a difference to others, the journey is going to be so exciting. I like working with people, not against people, I will listen to your needs and wants and from there give you the best service I can.

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